Citrus Solvent C-22
Skin-friendly special solvent for all long-time bonder, liquid glue, tapes. Removes adhesive residue from the scalp and hairpieces quickly and reliably
Lace Release

Spray for dissolving film
tulle approaches.118ml = 17 €

Bonding Remover for Keratin Hair Strands / Bonding Hair Strands

• Content: 1 bottle with pump spray

• Quantity: 118ml
• Remover for hair extensions with adhesive tape method and bonding method (heat tongs, ultrasound)
• Removes tape tapes from own hair

• Removes soft keratin bonding hair strands from the own hair
• Degreases and cleans the adhesive surface on the extensions, on the own hair and on the scalp, so that new tapes or Keratinbondings hold permanently and do not detach
• Great cleanser for the scalp and hair systems
• Mild on the skin
• Fast and easy removal on most tapes and soft bondings
• Enables you to raise the extensions several times

Applicable to the following hair systems:
Tape Extensions, Human Hair Strips, Skin Weft, Hair Tresses, Hairpieces, Toupees, Bonding Hair Strands

Removes tape tapes and adhesives like:
Supertape, Bonding Tape, Proflex Tape, Bondingstrips, Bonding Adhesive, Soft Keratin Bonds

Fast citrus fragrance remover / dissolver for hair and hair extension systems. He works fast and effectively. It removes adhesive residues on the own hair and on the extensions. Gentle on the skin and washable with soap and water. C22 Citrus Solvent does not damage your own hair
Citrus Solvent C-22
removes bonding glue and soft keratin bonding
With this pleasantly scented remover, various types of tapes and soft bonds can be easily removed, suitable for many hair systems and sensitive skin. It is strong and good peel and also applicable for Keratinbonding strands of hair.
Ingredients: Hydrocarbon Solvent, Fragrance
Citrus Solvent for dissolving keratin bondings

Apply Bonding Remover to multiple Keratin Bonding strands of hair in one row of hair. Let absorb.
• Use the bonding pliers to break the bondings of the hair strands (connection) from top to bottom once each time.
For hard bonding
Apply Bonding Solder again to the Keratin Bondings. Let absorb.
• Slowly pull down the hair tresses at the lower end of the hair without tearing.
• If the strands of hair can not be pulled out easily repeat the whole procedure.