Super solvent
a reliable, highly effective
Sames, skin-friendly solvent for all long-term adhesives
100ml = spray bottle, 400ml = to refill


Super Solvent
Adhesive Remover

Super Solvent has a first-class extra power to solve bonding adhesives and tapes. It is one of the most effective solvents on the market. Strong Solvent is strong enough to release even the most stubborn glitches, yet gentle enough to protect delicate lace fronts when peeled off. It is also used by medical and professional make-up experts because it is so effective on sensitive skin. Hair restoration treatment: Pour or atomize some of Super Solvent on a fabric or towel and clean the area to clean. Repeat for strongly adhesive residues until the hair systems are clean.
Warning: flammable. Do not smoke or use near heat, sparks, open flame. Avoid direct eye contact. Only for external use. Inaccessible to keep children. If skin irritations occur, discontinue use immediately.
Removing the
1. Moisten a corner with solvent and hit it as exactly as possible between the tapes. Detach / pull apart the tapes at this point.