Skin Sealer
Balancing protective film for scalp care when bonding
Peeling gel

Exfoliating gel


The quality of hair is characterized by two characteristics:
• the naturalness in the hair fall and with hair pieces and Toupets the transition into the own hair,
• the simulation and durability of the desired color.

Simulation of the desired color
A color selection can be made with color streaks attached to rings. All manufacturers use their own color rings, their basic colors
However, they are based on the international color coding system: the number 1 always means black, and the number sequence turns to blond over the 6 as brown. Numbers around 50 to 100
are i.d.R. Shades of Grey. Wig designers have these basic colors

 Ton-in-Ton-mixtures are developed, which are very similar to the color nuances of human hair. For current mix colors, the color blends have been accentuated more strongly, and particular colors have a darker root color or brighter points.

Dyeing of human hair wigs is
in contrast to synthetic wigs
possible, but more difficult than for the own hair, since the wig hairs have usually already undergone several chemical procedures. In any case, you should dye or tone the wig box.
It should be left to man who should dye these hairs in a darker tone but never brighter.