Cell Gold Power Oil
Care oil with 23 carat gold particles
brings more power to the skin, new life force
and positive skin appearance


SKIN JET draws on the knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine and combines the "therapeutic" advantages of gold with the highest standard of modern technology.
The SKIN JET method can significantly influence and enhance positive energy fields and chakra centers as well as physical processes.
In this way, the energetically charged smallest 23-carat gold particles in the deepest parts of the organism can have a positive effect.


 On the skin, this would have a soothing, anti-inflammatory and light-breaking or free-radical protective effect.
The products with 23 kt gold mean more power for the skin, new vitality, positive skin radiance, intensive revitalization of the cells and a better function of the biochemical processes in the tissue.
The skin looks fresher, softer, smoother and younger with significantly improved facial contours. The entire SKIN JET CELL GOLD® concept is suitable for exclusive face and body treatments as well as for many physical ailments in the fields of cosmetics, medicine, SPA and medical wellness