Wig stand for mating

• in plastic
• in plastic with amplifier ring
• in stainless steel
In flat packaging, put together results in a height of 33cm and a width of 18cm


Wig stands are ideal for gentle storage and fast drying of the wig. The surrounding air dries your hair work from all sides, including from the inside. The stand consists of two or three parts, which can be simply put together and taken apart again. Flat packaging, hardly needs space when traveling.
• The plastic wig stand requires some caution during assembly and disassembly, the upper sip may break
• The plastic wig stand with amplifier ring lets you fit the wig of your wig even more perfectly.
• The metal wig stand made of filigree stainless steel can not happen during mating, its rubber feet prevent slipping on a smooth surface.
• Tip: Dry your freshly washed wig always on a wig stand, when drying on the styrofoam head expands the fitting and the wig loses its fit.