extension brush
big brush with soft bristles.
ion brush

Anti-static long-hair brush with antibacterial ionic bristles, doses the air supply when blow-drying.

Information about the permanent attachment of hair integrations by means of sleeve technology is hidden behind the product image


• Extensions brush: When brushing your hair extensions, it is recommended to use a large brush with soft bristles. With the Balmain brush hair is shiny and optimal in its structure. Brush, starting from the ends of the hair, then to the middle of the hair and finally to the hairline. At night, tie your hair back to prevent tangles or knots.
• Ion Brush: When combing long hairs, they often stand out in all directions, instead of lying flat, because the hair is electrostatically charged when blow-drying or brushing. The ion brush, which at first glance looks like a normal brush, should counteract this. Nozzles on the back of the brush bring positive ions into the hair that prevent the hair from being charged with negative ions. In addition to the antistatic effect, moisture loss is also prevented.