TV mastic
Adhesive for Lace Front Wigs.50ml bottle with brush
Mastic remover
Remover and thinner.


• TV Mastic can be used as a special adhesive for lace front wigs. The special mixture of natural resins makes TV Mastic, after drying on the skin, look duller and more natural than normal mastic. Application: Apply a thin layer of mastic to the area to be covered and the hairline to be bonded, in order to secure it to the skin after a short drying time. To solve, use Mastix Remover (order now!)
• Mastic Remover is used to quickly and easily release the mastic-bonded lace front wigs from the scalp. It also serves to degrease the scalp before sticking the lace front wigs, so that they keep even better and longer. Ideal detergent for removing mastic adhesive residue on used parts. Use sparingly