Remover I
quickly dissolves the bonds.

Remover II
frees hair and scalp from adhesive residue.


The Bond Remover I for the Lace Front wig can easily and quickly soften the bond and release the wig. Application: Spread a generous amount of Lace Front Wigs Bond Remover I on the Bond with a cotton swab, allowing it to fully loosen and remove the Lace Front Wig. DO NOT PULL! If the bond does not solve enough, repeat after 2 minutes.
Remover II may release the remaining glue on the hairline after wiping the lace front wig. Application: To do so, rub Remover II in a circular motion until the glue residue softens and dissipates. Finally, with Skin Cleanser Shampoo, you can gently cleanse the scalp and hair and dissolve any glue residue