small care set
, with 100ml shampoo, balm, conditioner
Standard · Care
with 250ml shampoo, balm, Everyday
Conditioner, Cyberhair brush, Microfiber towel

Standard Care
with 250 ml each
Shampoo, Deep
Hair conditioner,
Every day
Hair conditioner,
a cyber
and one

The small care set, ideal for travel and sports, contains
• 100ml Revitalizing Wash, shampoo for cleanliness and moisture
• 100ml detangling cream (balm)
• 100ml Moisture Protection (Conditioner, suitable for daily use)
Standard care set in high-quality travelbag with
• 250ml Revitalizing Wash, shampoo for cleanliness and moisture
• 250ml deep conditioner, balm for volume and protection
• 250ml Everyday Conditioner, freshness and shine every day
• Microfibre cloth to dry the hair (do not rub!)
• a Cyberhair brush (care instructions with the Cyberhair brush can be found on wig and toupees). Comb the hair carefully to prevent any tangles. Start by carefully combing the hair with a Cyberhair brush or comb.