new stencil sets for brow make-up

Set MSS = mysterious, seductive, sophisticated
Set SPA = sexy, small, attractiv
Set DEG = dramatic, exotic, glamorous

If you're not sure about your color choices, the tester set includes five colors: black, charcoal, irid brown, dark brown or brown


If you are unsure which color is right for you, the eyepower tester set offers you the colors black, irid brown, dark brown, brown and charcoal
the opportunity to try it out. The colors are intermixable, so you can easily achieve your favorite color.
An enthusiastic customer writes:
This eyebrow powder is one
Epiphany! Finally smeared
or the stroke does not disappear
after a short while, when you sweat, during training, or just like what else was the case.
I wear it in the morning, which requires a bit of practice in the beginning, but then works great with the brush. And it really lasts until evening, no annoying tightening. Great thing!
Highly recommended
even with hair loss due to chemotherapy
A customer writes: I have mine during chemotherapy
Eyebrows lost and through
this wonderful powder could
I still set contours. Even with thin eyebrows for filling super! I am thrilled, the powder is really very productive! Make-up is not necessary, he keeps the whole day!