Hair supplement on the band
Made to measure in make-up artist quality in 100% human hair. Can be worn under the headgear with complete hair loss. Also suitable for hair thickening with thin hair.

Custom made of own hair on request

Non-Remy Hair
With less care
collected Indian
Hair are the hair roots
and tips mixed.
To a felting this
Hair will be avoided
their scaly layer in
removed an acid bath
and very strong
overused. So this
acid-treated hair
healthy and shiny again
they look like they are
sealed in silicone bath
(and thus heavier).
Non-Remy Hair is because
its price the am
most sold
Real hair. This quality is
for the production of
Wigs and toupees
acceptable because these hair
work less often than that
own hair washed
become. In contrast to
But they are Remy-Hair
worn out faster and
more susceptible to wear
and color change. Hair Blend
is a mixed hair
Real and synthetic hair,
preferably in the
ratio of 50 to 50.
The latest innovation
is the mix with
Futurahaar, that in his
Styling behavior the
Human hair is very similar. you
can e.g. at Hair-
Blend wigs with yours
Styling tools like curls
bar or flat iron one
completely different look
aim (be careful!
not above 140 ° C).
Hair blend wigs
can not be
to dye. A far smaller one
Mixing ratio of
Human hair and synthetics
is to achieve
Shades of gray with real hair
applied. Since real hair in
Shades of gray at the market
extremely rare and extreme
is expensive, is for the gray
Melting synthetic hair in
added small amount.
Animal Hair
An alternative to the
Aiming for shades of gray
Real hair wigs is that
Intermix bright
Buffalo or angora hair.
Buffalo hair: Yaks are in
large number in the Himalayas
and Mongolia
and adapt to extremes
climatic conditions
excellent. After this
Winter will give you the fine
Undercoat combed out and
is then diluted very fine
the wig maker to
Admixture under Human
Hair available. Out
Buffalo hair alone can be
also excellent white
Tie rococo wigs.
Angora hair: The Angora
goat, a small, in front
Asian bred domestic goat
delivers up to 6 kg of angora hair
per year, which has been
won. The
Hair is soft, silky smooth
zend, very fine and the easy
the best natural fiber ever.