Neck hairpiece
(or wider turban pony) made of high quality synthetic hair
Width about 18cm, hair length ca.8cm, with Velcro for attachment under different Turbanen

Do you want to have a natural front -
say head-free hairstyles or when the wind blows the hair out of your face - you have to opt for a lace or film approach, which is inevitably always glued!

For shaving thin own hair: It is an incontrovertible physical fact that a corresponding piece of clothing using adhesive tape / liquid adhesive on a bare scalp holds much better than on existing residual hair. It should also be remembered that when removing e.g. of adhesive tape from the (longer) own hair, this is always a little torn out - no matter how careful may be.

The less own hair on the top of the head
is present, the less exists
from a practical point of view, the necessary
To choose a fitting that allows you to integrate the remaining hair. Mounts that allow integration of the own hair are
to a principle thicker / stronger than alternatives Lace / foil / monofilament, which just do not allow this. On the other hand, they are u.U. with a lower hair density. more visible and tangible.

Do you want to do a lot of sports, often go to the sauna or even swim frequently? If so, go
assume that a thicker / firmer
Mounts of fabric automatically collect more water / sweat / stores (and thus is heavier / is) than a lace or foil fitting.

A solution that requires a service visit to the studio is always more costly than a solution that can be "maintained" at home.

When clarifying possible solutions
For a hair problem caused by different second-hair specialists, one learns that often every specialist has a very unique view of things. , ,
(c) semper capelli Angela Zenkel