for wigs and toupees

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for micropoint attachment of hair integrations

1 | With a crochet hook

a strand of its own

hair through the edge of the
Hair integration pulled.
2 + 3 | This strand
then becomes one

Knotted and knotted
4 | with a little one
Drops of liquid glue
fixed. This will be
stood by 2 cm along
the edge of the hair
integration reaffirms.
The train is distributed evenly, and the hair
integration is safe. Micropoint - this method has been proven for years in the so-called permanent attachment. The hair integration becomes along the edge along with tiny
fixed in small glue spots. They are barely noticeable, inconspicuous and yet safe. Even sports can thus be safely carried out.
At intervals of four to five weeks, the hair integration at the salon service is removed, regenerated and re-attached. In the meantime, the daily use of the hairstyle is completely normal. Wash, blow dry (low temperature), comb, style - just like your own hair.
Advantage: Secure permanent attachment with
little effort