special brushes
in a wide selection for wigs and toupees

Behind the product image hide information about hair integrations

1 | Flat hairbrushes,
Basic body made of artificial
Fabric in pink, turquoise
and black
2 | Detail of a flat hairbrush in
white, on the metal pins sit plastic knobs
3 | Flat hairbrush, body made
solid wood
4 | Bigger cyber hair brush To ensure that the hair replacement is always well-groomed and looks good, it is crucial to use not only the right care products but also the right styling brush. There is a wide selection of special wigs and toupees applications
• Wig brushes narrow: Small flat hair brushes with metal pins in three rows and plastic end nubs. Body made of plastic or real solid wood. Well suited for hair replacement of shorter hair length, protects the garment and knots.
• Cyberhair brushes are specially designed for cyber hair wigs and hairstyles, so be sure to brush the dry cyberhair with a cyberhair brush, starting from the ends of the hair, gradually towards the base. When wet, we recommend gently combing the Cyberhair with a wide-toothed Griffstyler beginning at the hair tips