with shampoo, balm and mono-remover.
200ml each = 34 €
for cleaning the splices. 200ml = 14 €
Wet Gel
for extra strong hold from Trendfrisure n. 100ml = 12 €

Available wig sizes
in the standard delivery program,
sorted according to the head circumference:

XXS 48-51 cm = children's wigs
XS 51-52 cm = children's wigs,
        small ladies wigs
S 52-54 cm = smaller ladies
M 54-56 cm = normal size for
L 56-58 cm = larger ladies
        wigs, men's wigs
XL 58-60 cm = priority
        men's wigs
XXL 60-62 cm = men's wigs
The selection of men's wigs is much lower than that of women's
wigs. They differ primarily in only three characteristics:

Costume size: Men's wigs are available in the standard range between the sizes of 56 to 62 cm. Any additional dimensions must be either made-to-measure or ordered to measure.

Hair colors: The color selection for men
wigs with their wide range of gray
Gradations is muted, unassuming
as the colorful ladies wigs. Therefore, unisex wigs are rarely suitable for a man.

Hairstyle: Men's wigs are in
leaning against classic men's hair cuts, in the tamp and front areas fine materials are used for the substructure to create natural approaches.