small travel set
with 80ml shampoo, 80ml balm, 100ml hairspray
and 1 under hood
Care set, big
with 250ml shampoo, 250ml balm, 200ml conditioner,
Hood and wig brush turquoise


General care tips for your second hair
so that your hairline is always perfect
looks and you enjoy it for a long time
you should heed this: let it go far. Wigs - special spray
on the other hand consolidates without sticking,
is easy to brush out.
• Remember:
Sweat, dirt
as well as wrong care
medium and sprays
damage gear
and hair replacement.
 Proper care and
ensure suitable products
never commercially available
Hair care products, because
this is the quality
Your high-quality hair
Substitution in structure and longevity sustainable
negatively influenced
• When washing
permanently attached
Hair pieces of shampoo
and balm always
with some water
dissolve before use.
So you can the
Care easier in the
maximum life and beauty of the hair.
 Hair replacement of artificial and human hair
receives no moisturizing substances over the
Scalp. These must be the hair of
be supplied externally to a high degree.
Otherwise it will be brittle and brittle,
to bald spots on the gear.
 A variety of "normal" hair
Care products achieved in grown
Hair best results. They are, however
on the special properties of the
Scalp and hair growth
Voted. For hair replacement made of artificial
and human hair are the facts
completely different and this requires
completely for that reason
other care substances.
 Please keep in mind that
conventional sprays and consolidators one
have high alcohol content. This
Dries fibers and hair
and may leave white-gray
Coverings that no longer disperse and avoid hair
harmful rubbing and rubbing.
 Hair replacement according to the
Clean wearing frequency and
maintain, with constant wear
at least once a week. sweat
and pollution
decompose the fitting material
and damage the hair.
 Hair replacement from human hair never
in the shampoo or balsam bath
leave for a long time. The hair
could swell and then matt.
 Shampoo always special
Rinse thoroughly and for a long time! First
then make the Balsampflege.
Otherwise it comes to
so-called "build-up", the hair
becomes dull and unwilling to go bald.
 UV rays change hair colors
and dry out hair. Protect
Therefore, before your hair replacement
intense sunlight -
also in the solarium!