pure! care care set for real hair
Everything to care for the pure! Power human hair collection
or other high-quality human hair

As beautiful as human hair wigs and hair pieces are, they need to be aware that they have an increased care intensity over synthetic hair. If you do not always want to leave your wig to the wig studio or hairdresser for care, you can also maintain your human hair wig with a little skill. This includes the pure! Power care set
• pure! Care shampoo as an ideal care for your human hair
• pure! Care balsam, gives shine and smoothness
• pure! Care 'n repair, deep intensive care
• pure! Styling, wooden brush for gentle combing
• Hood as an aid to the use of wigs


pure! power
Questions about human hair

• What are the main advantages of human hair wigs?
The hair of a human hair wig look more natural than those of artificial hair. They are more customizable because they can be colored and refashioned. Real hair offers a higher wearing comfort and gives you a natural and elegant appearance.

 • At what temperature is the hair best softened, smoothed?
Here you can look after your own hair. The temperature should be kept as low as possible so as not to unnecessarily strain the hair.
• Can a human hair wig be dyed?
The pure! Power Collection offers a wide range of colors. If this is not enough, the wig can also be dyed darker or strands incorporated. This should be yours anyway
 Left to wig specialists. Please note that the clothing may also discolour.
• Can the hair be touped?
We advise against it, since Toupieren attacks the hair structure strongly.
• Can you put a perm on a human hair wig?
To make sure that the hair falls naturally, the pure! Power human hair wigs already have a slight natural wave. For this reason, we strongly advise against using a perm.