Silvergloss Shampoo
neutralizes yellowish cast, gives silver reflections and radiant shine.
250ml = 19.00 €
Silk concentrate

Conditioner for structurally damaged and dyed hair. 250ml =

• ACTIV Silvergloss Shampoo: Secondary hair is subject to the same environmental influences as natural hair. Like this, it is exposed to the sun and its UV rays. Especially gray and white hair reacts with an unsightly yellowish tinge, which makes the hair look dull and feeble. ACTIV Silvergloss Shampoo strengthens the hair, stores complexion-colored violet color pigments on the hair, thus neutralizing the yellowish tinge. As a housewife, you are certainly familiar with the complementary color principle in detergents, whose blue additions to older white laundry should take their yellow tinge.
ACTIV Silvergloss Shampoo can be used for every third hair wash instead of the normal human hair shampoos, gives silver reflections and radiant shine.
• ACTIV Silk Concentrate is a liquid build-up concentrate with depth effect for structure-damaged and dyed human hair. Concentrated plant extracts sustainably improve the hair structure from the inside out and effectively compensate for the damage. Strengthening silk hydrolyzates give the hair a silky-healthy shine, noticeably lighten the comb and give the hair color more depth


Gray and white hair in old age
According to the latest scientific
Researches emerge gray
Hair by storing
Hydrogen peroxide in increasing
Concentration. This as bleaching
medium used and known
Means is in the metabolism of
human body in small
Produced quantities and so in the
Hair formed. At a young age
neutralizes the enzyme Katalse
the storage of water
peroxide, the natural hair
color is preserved. The after-
letting ability of the body
Hydrogen peroxide in his
Disassemble ingredients and
to excrete in the
Follow the formation and storage of melanin both in the hair and in the skin.
 The result is the visible gray hair. Then, as this gray hair gets thinner and thinner, you should consider a top-of-the-head hair piece or even a wig-of course gray to allow a seamless transition. And
Also this hair work wants - just like the own hair - well maintained
be. They should be special
Care products for synthetic or
Use human hair as yours
Secondary hairstyle the natural one
Regenerating ability of one's own
Hair is missing. Just gray
and white hair reacts to the
UV rays of intense sunlight
irradiation with an unsightly
Yellowness, the hair fast
looks dull and powerless.
With ACTIV Silvergloss Shampoo
You can use purple color pigments
attach to the second hair and so on
reduce the yellowness.