Collagen · Shampoo
has a revitalizing, moisturizing, structuring effect.
plus care instructions for removable human hair with additional use of
Hair Repair · Hair cure to compensate for hair structure damage

• ACTIV Collagen Shampoo as a special shampoo with collagen and vitamin hydrolysates has a revitalizing effect on real hair hairstyles, moisturizes and restores structure. It cleanses gently, thoroughly and gently.
• ACTIV Hair Repair is an intensive hair conditioner and intensive hair care for damaged human hair. ACTIV Hair Repair is enriched with collagen and silk hydrolysates

Preparation: Fix the second hairstyle on a styrofoam head with a few needles and brush through until the hair is completely untangled.

Washing: In the sink or bowl, dissolve 1 tablespoon of ACTIV Collagen Shampoo in approx. One liter of lukewarm water. Hold the second hairstyle from the inside with both hands. The hair is hanging down. Gently stir the second hairstyle gently in the shampoo bath for approx. 3 minutes (Fig. 1). Do not rub! Then remove the second hairstyle from the shampoo bath.
Gently shake off excess water and shampoo with one hand (picture 2). For subsequent rinsing, hold the second hairstyle back in with both hands. Please make sure that the water jet (cold to lukewarm water) hits the fitting (picture 3) and so rinses the hair from the inside to the outside. In this way it is avoided that the hair is pulled inwards (Important for hair integrations!). Conditioner: 1 tablespoon of ACTIV Keratin Balm in approx. 1 liter of lye.
dissolve warm water. Further procedure as described under "Washing" Figures 1 to 3.

Hair conditioner (instead of nursing
rinsing): After every 2.Wäsche or if the second hairstyle very
is stressed, a hair cure with AKTIV Hair Repair should be applied
become. This smoothens the scaly layer of the individual hairs intensively,
makes the entire hairpiece easier to style and gives natural shine. After washing, about 1 tablespoon of ACTIV Hair Repair is evenly distributed directly on the wet second hairstyle. Knead the hair conditioner gently and carefully. Do not rub!
Allow to act for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse out as described under "Washing", Figure 3.

Drying: Hold the second hairstyle over the sink and gently wipe off the excess water. Then place the second hairstyle on a towel so that all hair points in one direction (Fig. 4). Fold in the towel at the side and dab the hair piece gently in the towel. Stretch the still wet second hairstyle on a styrofoam head and possibly fasten with a few needles. Carefully comb through with a coarse-toothed comb.
The human hair second hairdo thanks you if you just let it air dry. Of course, the hair can also be rotated on winder, or dried with a hair dryer with mild heat.

Finish: You will have much longer enjoyment of the human hair second hairstyle when you spray in the still slightly damp hair ACTIV Silk Spray. It smoothes the hair structure and facilitates combing, especially with long hair.

Styling: The use of ACTIV High Gloss Spray with additional UV protection provides for a healthy and seductive shine after drying and hair styling. It is the optimal prevention against dry and brittle hair tips.