Sun Milk
Sunscreen with SPF 15, protects against increased photosensitivity by chemotherapy, very moisturizing. 100ml

Blue sky, sun ...
finally a nice day: Now you just want to get out and enjoy the warmth and light. But before creaming is announced - every day. Everyone should protect themselves from too much sun. As a daily basis, experts recommend a moisturizer with SPF 12 to 15, which is applied to the face, neck, décolleté and back of the hand. Then there is the targeted protection with sunscreen. Not all need to reach the SPF of 50, because with the sun protection the own skin type and the personal sun sensitivity must be considered.

Take special care when sunbathing
during chemotherapy
You should enjoy the sunlight with its UV radiation only in small doses
and do not completely hide from the sun's rays because your body needs the sun to form vitamin D. It is important, however - especially in chemotherapy - to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight in any case. An appropriate sun protection factor, a shaded area between eleven and three o'clock as well as clothes and headgear made of tightly woven fabric help to shield the sun's rays. Headgear from the Care to wear sun series of the Christine Collection is also used.