Camouflage cover pin
very high pigmented, strongly covering
for the correction of small color-deviating skin defects for the face and neck
Derma Color Cleansing Gel
Make-up removal for camouflage removal


Dermacolor Camouflage Makeup System
With this system, a special make-up to cover color skin anomalies, scars and tattoos has been developed. Camouflage Dermacolor is waterproof, heat-resistant and protects the skin from harmful UV radiation. It will last up to 36 hours even in extreme conditions such as swimming, heat and physical exertion.


dermacolor camouflage
meets the requirements of dermatologists, beauticians and patients and covers the problem areas reliably when used properly.
• Camouflage is often the only way to alleviate the mental stress caused by skin anomalies and restore a normal lifestyle and self-confidence to sufferers.
• If you are a little unsure, you can do the first application of dermacolor Camouflage Make-up under the guidance of a trained beautician.
Camouflage is also easy to learn.
Areas of application of the Dermacolor Camouflage make-up system: nevus flammeus, vitiligo, chloasma, rosacea, couperose, telangiectasias, varicose veins, pungency, white spot, brown skin spots, blotchy redness of the facial skin, finest vascular rashes, spider veins, senile and liver spots, acne and others Scars, dark circles, tattoos