hair Thickening
10.3 g Shaker

for 20 ~ 30 days
applications *
in set

together with 100ml Fixierspray
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TOPPIK hair thickening was presented several times on TV and many tests in television broadcasts confirmed its excellent effect.
TOPPIK hair thickening is extremely easy to apply, their sparse hair is sprinkled with hair-building fibers. Ultra-tiny, powdered nano-microfibers, which, like your hair, are made of organic keratin, invisibly and firmly bond with your own hair within seconds. For fixation spray with fixative spray and allow to dry for a short time. Tip: Repeated spraying from a distance of 30 - 40 cm gives your hair even more density and natural shine for the whole day. Finished! Begin your personal test with the set of 10.3g shaker / fixing spray on satisfaction, you can then switch to the larger container